L.O.L Surprise!: a tender fashion for your girl

They are only two inches long, but they are becoming giants. Quite a phenomenon. And they are exhausted. If your niece or daughter has asked the Three Kings for one of the latest models, you’re too late. You only have to look at the number of millions of views of their videos on Youtube to realize the magnitude of this star of the playground. That is precisely one of its keys, the ability to use marketing strategies that have already been proven to work (and not only with the little ones): latest models with minimal novelties at every turn, exclusivity, collectible sagas that remain ‘old’ and expectation. A lot. Won’t it sound like Iphone? We tell you the keys to its success in 10 points.

Let’s start from the beginning: What exactly are LOLs?

A plastic doll of 4.5 centimeters, whose price ranges from 15 to 160 euros, very varied (45 versions) and all have something added that differentiates them and helps create the ‘desire’ collector, since it comes with a jug or has a crown or directly spits or pee.

The LOL Surprise dolls are one of the most creative, interactive and fun toys you’ve seen in a long time.

Each doll comes inside a surprise ball that is wrapped in 7 layers. Between each layer there is a clue that reveals which doll you will find inside.

Once you get to the center of the ball there are 4-5 blind bags that include the doll, shoes, a suit, accessories and a bottle.

They are from MGA but here they are distributed by Giochi Preziosi, they are collectible and there are 45 different ones.

-The power of surprise and chance

Very important. Surprise, surprise and surprise. One of the simplest and most effective things is that you never know what’s in an LOL until you open the ball it’s in. And opening it is a star moment, in which the child removes layers and more layers, like a little onion of illusion and fantasy from which the accessories, hair or shoes come out. Version 3.0 of the Surprise Kindergarten of a lifetime.

-Unboxing and Youtube

You may not know what ‘unboxing’ is, but we have just told you about it in the previous paragraph with the ‘surprising packaging’ that has to be removed from the layers. If you record this and upload it to Youtube, you have an ‘unboxing’. There are technology, makeup or wild fruits. And all the influencers do it with the gifts that the brands send home. The LOLs were not going to be less: their videos on Youtube have millions of views because children beg for some tablet time to watch them.

-Seven layers of surprise

The pace of unpacking is also designed to create expectation ‘in crescendo’ until it explodes in the final big firework. This is the temporary process from the moment you start to open and finish:

  1. Secret message: some drawings that gave us a clue as to which club these little dolls belonged to.
  2. Stickers or collection stickers.
  3. A bottle
  4. Shoes
  5. Clothing
  6. Surprise accessory
  7. The doll

-Collect me and change me at recess!

If you add this word to a surprise toy, unboxing and youtube, you have a round object of desire (never better) in this 2020.

-Sagas that never end

-The L.O.L. dolls of the series 1 are organized by families: Club Glitterati, club Opposites, club Spirit, Glee, Theater, Athletic and Dance. In addition, the second generation has already come out: as if that weren’t enough, the LOLs now have LOL SISTERS, little sisters in baby format that also bring an added surprise when put in cold water.

-The summit of the gifts this Christmas

It is the star of this Christmas and it is called ‘Big suprise’, a giant ball with three layers of surprise. One: twelve small balls with an exclusive surprise. Two: five balls that dissolve in water and include 3 surprises each. Three: two exclusive 7-layer LOL balls (including doll) plus 2 medium L.O.L. balls with five surprises and a doll that are the sisters of the L.O.L.

-One of figures

In the US, their sales in December last year grew at a rate of 600% per week, but this year they are still unstoppable. In Spain they are already the star toy of Christmas and we have no doubt that the next step is to put the house and the school on sale.

Why are the LOL Surprise Dolls so successful?

If you were planning to buy one, you must be disappointed first, as they are sold out almost everywhere. Although on Amazon you can find them with a shipping time of more than 4 days.

How to buy LOL Dolls


If you are here to buy a doll for your son or daughter, read this carefully:

LOL dolls come in two sizes:

Big sisters: also called tots
Little Sisters: (LIL Sisters)
The older sisters come with their own accessories. Usually a pair of glasses, a hat or something for the hair, a suit (maybe two pieces), shoes and a bottle.

Differences between large LOL and LIL Sister
Usually, the big sisters’ balls just say LOL Surprise, and they are a little bigger. Some have the written series (1,2 or 3)

If your little girl talks about the LOL dolls, she means the big ones, unless she specifically says she wants Sister Lil.

LIL Sisters are babies in diapers. They are created as a younger couple that reflects the characteristics and appearance of the older sisters.

They also include accessories, but are usually sized to fit the older sister.

Another difference is that the big ones have 7 layers, and the little ones have 5.

Children love to open them and find surprises. Many also like to record unboxing. There are already thousands on YouTube.

The toy is sold out in most stores, and the last few Christmases have seen resales asking for over 100 eurazos in Wallapop for a second-hand one.

We’ve got a Surprise LOL on our hands to show you what’s inside.

The first thing we find is an instruction manual and a scratching strip.

There are 7 layers:


Remember that the small versions only include 5 surprise layers.

The Pop Confetti Series was launched in December 2017, just in time for Christmas.

Just one month after the mascots.

The second issue of Confetti Pop came out about 4 months after the first one.

In total it has 36 Tots and 39 Lils.

Conffeti Pop has 9 layers instead of 7, as it includes the confetti layer and one more surprise.

This makes the surprise balls slightly bigger than in the previous series.

Once you have opened most of the ball, you can pull the string to make the confetti pop.

The best thing about Confetti Pop, by far, is the confetti! You can pick it up and throw it as many times as you want.

The Giant Surprise Ball: Limited Edition
If you love LOL dolls this mega pack will blow your mind. It is a limited edition with 50 surprises of 32 cm high and infinite fun.

In the UK alone, more than half a million have been sold since the launch of the ball in March. So, despite its name, the popularity of the large limited edition has not been a surprise.

The toy, which measures 32 cm, features several layers of surprises, including clothing and accessories, which children unravel to reveal a collectible doll.

The large version contains 50 gifts for children to unwrap, with some surprises hidden in bath bombs that must be submerged in water to reveal them.

They are recommended for children 6 to 10 years old.

The LOL Big Surprise contains 50 exclusive surprises that cannot be found in other products.

Each doll comes with its own accessories. For the older sisters, 2 of the 7 layers are accessories; one large and one small.

The big ones can be hats, headbands, bows, cat ears, etc.

The small ones are usually shoes.

An additional “accessory” is a bottle charm that comes as one of the capes. The bottle is very important because this is how water is introduced into the wrist to make it cry, spit, or urinate.

To fill the bottle, simply squeeze it, hold it in the water, and release it. It will fill up and then you can give the doll a drink.

The accessories are very well thought out by Giochi Preziosi because they all fit and can be exchanged between sisters.

Frequently asked questions: LOL answers!

What age are LOL dolls for?

It is recommended for children between 5 and 12 years old. At least that’s the official recommendation. If they are younger, unless they are super alert, they will have a hard time following the clues.

Are they collectible?

Yes, and they are super fun to collect. If you have duplicate dolls you can always exchange them with your friends. In total there are 45 different ones distributed in the different series and styles.

Where do you sell them in Spain?

They are the most fashionable toy and there is no surface that does not add to the LOL party. Juguettos, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Toysrus. Do not worry, if you want to know where to buy them in Spain here will clear all your doubts. However, the best option, for quality, warranty and service is Amazon.

Are there any imitation LOL dolls?

Yes, as with all successful fake products from China, there are. Always choose, without hesitation, the originals.

How much do they cost?

Almost the best thing is their price. For between 15 and 20 euros you can find them.
You can see the best price right now on Amazon.

LOL Surprise: the doll that knew how to use YouTube to become the toy of Christmas


The fashionable toy is also becoming increasingly global, which means that products are not only in short supply on the market in question. Since children in general are asking for the same thing, the lack of stock is global. In the case of the Dog Patrol, for example, the shortage of toys affected Europe or the United States. In one of the Christmas campaigns, Lego had to warn in October that they were not going to arrive to meet all the demand.

Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that this year’s fashionable toy is already being cooked. This year’s toy will be the LOL Surprise dolls. The dolls are, according to a study by NPD Group, the ones that will sell the fastest and the ones that will reign in the market, as collected by Quartz. In Spain, the LOL Suprise dolls were seventh on a list of toys that will reign at Reyes this year according to Amazon.

The reign of the LOL Surprise
The dolls are small in size and arrive in a plastic egg. They are cheap (about 10 euros), they are varied (there are 45 versions) and they have an added something (from the fact that the doll can spit until they have a secret message). Of course, as with last year’s star toys, they have the element of surprise: you don’t know what’s there until you open the egg in which they appear.

Dolls are not new to the market (at least in the US, where their sales in December last year grew at a rate of 600% per week) but they are starting to pick up pace (or more pace) now. Using Google Trends allows us to see this in a much clearer way. This is the evolution of LOL Surprise searches in the history of the search engine. The big peak is in the last few months.

The doll still has to grow. This can be seen by comparing with the Hatchimal search history (red line). Its big peak was in December.

Some dolls who know about YouTube
Last year’s victory of the Hatchimals was explained by the fact that they had managed to unite nostalgia, technology and surprise in the same product. They were a cuddly toy, something techie like a Furby and it was born from an egg that nobody knew about. The success of the LOL Surprise can also be explained by adding another issue. The doll is an ace at positioning itself on YouTube.

As you remember in Quartz, the LOL Surprise were born to directly star in a YouTube unboxing video. They are the type of product that works in that medium and that fits with what you want to publish there. And, most importantly, these types of videos are increasingly popular on the web and reach more and more viewers. Their viewing figures are in the millions, surpassing some of the most popular videos on the net (one of the most played videos – in English – has 855 million views).

The dolls not only fit in with what is successful in these videos, but they also enhance it. Each doll has a different unboxing experience and each doll encourages the process and sharing. Not only does the package already include an allusive message, but the company itself has tried to launch a campaign in the U.S. linked to it. They put up 15 stations around the country where fans of the doll could make their own unboxing videos and upload them to YouTube.

A trend

Another element that makes these dolls so popular is that they are collectible.

“It’s a fashion. Everyone wants the dolls. And you never have them all because they come in seasons,” Anabel, Lourdes’ mother, tells BBC World.

“Every time a new collection comes out, it’s like the premiere of a new season on Netflix,” she compares.

A L.O.L. Surprise! doll sells for around US$10 in the United States and new models come out every two or three months.

Collecting is not new in history, “but there were no large corporations that exploited this desire to collect in the past,” says children’s consumer specialist Linn.

“Having as much as possible” is the goal, she says.

The specialist maintains that consumption in children works the same way as in adults, but there is a difference.

“Children have strong desires, but not the cognitive ability that adults have to delay gratification or understand that they were manipulated by advertising. And they don’t understand that until they’re 11 or 12,” Linn says.

“Commercials aim at the emotions and not the intellect,” he adds.

On his part, when asked if the company faced criticism for encouraging children to consume L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, the founder of MGA Entertainment denies it.

“The Barbie has been sold for over 60 years, if you put all the Barbies together you could go around the world 15 times,” says Larian, comparing the product made by Mattel, one of the best selling toys in history.

“Children have adult supervision (in terms of consumption) and adults are the ones who make the decisions whether to buy a toy or not,” he tells BBC World.

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Meanwhile, Lourdes only has one doll because in Argentina, where she lives, they can sell up to 1,700 pesos, about US$44.

General characteristics of the LOL dolls

They can be varied depending on the type of doll, pet or accessories.

LOL dolls: their universe in your hand

The collections of toys and dolls LOL Surprise! have earned to pulse, thanks to its constant originality and innovation, be of the most extraordinary and enjoyable that exist for the smallest of the house.

It all started when Alma, my adorable little boy, at the age of 7 recommended me to buy them. I have to admit that they have their charm and even today we still enjoy them together every day with the same enthusiasm as when we first got them.

The company in charge of bringing them to light, MGA Entertainment, released the first series of these dolls in the United States at the end of 2016, in December to be more specific, and that the world would end up knowing as L.O.L. Surprise! Series 1.

Without any doubt, they studied up to the smallest detail about what our little ones yearn for a toy these days.

In Europe, Giochi Preziosi is the company in charge of distributing them. Panini, another large company, launched a collection of stickers.

From the beginning, each doll collection was released in series and each series, if not complete from the beginning, in different waves. Therefore, each new wave adds new dolls to the series until it is complete.

The new waves come together with the previous series and add new dolls, novelties and improvements.

On the other hand, each series includes two different kinds of dolls and one of pets known as

Older sisters.

Little sisters.


As it can’t be otherwise, in every good collection, every doll of each series is labeled with a level of difficulty to be acquired.

We can find four different levels, from easier to more difficult to find, which are the following:


Do you know what this means?

In this universe, L.O.L. stands for Lil Outrageous Little. It can be translated as Outrageous Little or Extravagant Little.

In relation to the universe of new dolls, O.M.G. means Outrageous Millennial Girls which translated into Spanish would be something like Chicas Millenarias Extravagantes.

If the text Napping (Tots and Lils) or Napcat (Pets) appears on the collection sheet just below, it means that it will soon be discontinued and will most likely no longer be available.

LOL Surprise Doll Clubs!

In each collection or series, the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are grouped into what are known as clubs.

Join the club!

We can find all these and some more:

The Unboxing Phenomenon
Usually, from the beginning, they always come packaged in a sphere or ball.

Each sphere is wrapped with several layers and between each layer there is a different surprise.

During this process, clues will emerge about what you will end up finding.

Finally, when you get inside there are several bags that when opened will reveal your surprise doll and its accessories.

The thrill of a pleasant surprise

Happiness with LOL Surprise!

If we add to that the constant illusion that our sons and daughters usually have to find out and learn new things, these dolls have the necessary ingredients to be as successful as they are.

To be surprised could be considered as one of the basic emotions of the human beings and, mainly, of the smallest ones that still have much to discover.

MGAE Cares: Frontline Hero
Join the MGAE Cares campaign against COVID-19 in support of health workers on the front lines with the new doll

This means that children can’t help but ask:

What color will the hair and eyes be?
What surprises will it contain?
Can I dress like her?
Little ones also love these surprise balls, and it’s easy to see why.

The illusion that you won’t know what surprises are going to touch you until you open them up and find out.

Personally, we like them a lot because there are many different dolls to collect along with the other accessories you can also get like: the house, the factory and the slime.

LOL Lights Pets
Lights Pets
The Lights Pets also share the common aspect of this whole series. With the ultraviolet light we will be able to appreciate the surprise of each pet.

LOL Lights Glitter
Lights Glitter
The new LOL Lights Glitter is here, a new magic and super bright series thanks to its special flashlight. Discover the new Ultra-Rare Doll

Car-Pool Coupe
Drive in style with the new L.O.L. Surprise Car-Pool Coupe! This beautiful car has a luxurious pink gold finish and wheels that turn

O.M.G. Lights
The new LOL Surprise O.M.G. Lights are the teenage sisters of our adorable dolls in light version.

Boys Series 1
If your little ones love L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, they’ll be super excited to meet the new and long-awaited Boys Series 1

Giving the big illusion as a gift
If you don’t want to hold on to a Christmas gift all year round, here are some fun ways to give the big surprise outside the vacation season:

Be smart. Wrap each ball in brightly colored paper, and hide them instead of the Easter eggs. Not only will kids love to hunt and find them, but they’re healthier than candy.

Reward your children. Use one surprise at a time as an incentive to get good grades, do homework, exercise or other positive behaviors.
Have a party. The Big Surprise is a great centerpiece for an L.O.L. Surprise! party, where guests can open up, swap and enjoy their surprises together. Any time of year is good for a party.

What we love about L.O.L. Surprise dolls!

L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are super cute, collectible and part of a constantly expanding doll universe.

They include many surprises inside.
Great if you are shopping for 2-3 children so you can divide the surprises evenly.
They provide a complete experience if you use the pumps.
Includes limited edition accessories and dolls.
Reflects the same toy trends as today’s surprise eggs, while remembering the mothers of the dolls they grew up with and loved.

Where to buy LOL dolls?

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